Dick Clintsman creates lifestyle images that are spontaneous and engaging, the focus to detail seems to be more like an editorial moment or even a great snap shot, rather than a belabored advertising image. He’s always looking for what he calls “flow” - something that catches his eye that has been orchestrated by numerous subtle tweaks. He focuses on that moment, when all things come together like a moment of great celebration, to convey what is most significant.

The “concept” is the thread that holds any award winning image or images together. The execution of a concept must include the tools that all great photographers use: directing, casting, location, set design, lighting, post production, and most of all the ability to work with others to achieve a creative edge, which can only be reached by the flow of energies that comes from a group effort


After graduating from RIT in New York with a B.S. in photography Hallmark Cards recruited me as a staff photographer. I left Hallmark after two years and then worked three more years for two different commercial studios, shooting lifestyles and fashion. I established my own Studio – C-Studio, Inc. and then Dick Clintsman Photography where I presently reside in Dallas Texas.

My Photography career is focused on commercial advertising, which encompasses national ad campaigns, corporate ads, annual report, fashion and editorial work – all of which are lifestyle driven images.

Fine Art imaging is another creative freedom I enjoy and dedicate time to with great enthusiasm and excitement.

My wife, two children and a dog keep me happy and balanced… most of the time.


  • Cleo Award
  • Graphis Poster Annual
  • Andy Awards – Advertising Club of New York
  • Katie Awards
  • Addy Awards
  • Tops Awards
  • DSVC Awards

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